Boundary Wall Construction Rules in DHA

Boundary Wall Construction Rules in DHA

Boundary Wall Construction Rules in DHA

Following rules & regulations shall apply for the construction of the boundary wall of your house in DHA Islamabad;

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  1. Member shall construct a boundary wall in DHA within his property line. If a boundary wall of 4 1/2 inches width is constructed then a pillar of 9 inches x 9 inches at 10ft distance must be provided. If a member wants to construct a common boundary wall, approval of both neighbors should be necessary. In this regard, an affidavit is mandatory from both neighbors to DHAI-R.
  2. Both neighbors shall have the full right to use it on their respective sides/top. However, no space from the right of way of road/street shall utilize for this purpose.
  3. The maximum height of the rear boundary wall should be 6ft above the level of the rear road.
  4. The maximum height of the left/right/front side boundary wall should be 7ft 6 inches from the height point of the road in front of the plot.
  5. The minimum height of the boundary wall should be such to ensure the privacy of the adjacent plot.
  6. The boundary wall should be an RCC or brick masonry wall.
  7. The front/side boundary wall (If there is open space nullah/road on that side) may be constructed with the grill or any other see-through material.
  8. A safety grill up to 2ft 6 inches can be provided above the boundary wall.
  9. If two adjacent plots are owned by a single owner or different owners having blood relations (parents & their children, brothers, and sisters, or husband and wife) then the Boundary Wall between the two plots can be exempted/omitted. However, it is subject to providing an application to DHAI-R by the owners (jointly) on Judicial Stamp Paper.

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