Construction Companies in Bahria Town Islamabad

Construction Companies in Bahria Town Islamabad

Construction Companies in Bahria Town Islamabad

Design and Construction of Houses:



They shall be of standard shape, burnt red, hand-formed, or machine-made, and shall have a minimum crushing strength of 1490 psi and absorption up to 20%. “Construction Companies in Bahria Town Islamabad”

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Concrete sand blends of 1:6 will be received for 0-9 inches thick divider and concrete sand mortar 1:4 for 0-4.5 inches thick divider.


All putting work will be in concrete sand mortar 1:4 on internal and inward dividers and the roof will be in concrete sand mortar 1:3.


The solid utilized in different seismic groups will have the least compressive chamber strength of 2500 psi

at 28 days.

Reinforcing steel:

The reinforcing steel shall have minimum yield strength of 40,000 psi.

Hollow block:

Empty square brickwork completely restricted, just permitted in the edge structure plan.


Due to cut and fill area R.C.C strip foundation minimum 0-8 inches thick should provide under strip footing of walls. On the other hand, a raft should place if the bearing capacity of the soil is less than 0.6 T/sq ft. If a recommendation comes from the geo-tech engineer.

Success Stories

Asian House Care embraced every one of these procedures when they begin to construct a house. We build trust with our clients. Our services are among the best services in the twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.


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