Design and Construction of Houses in Gulberg Islamabad

Design and Construction of Houses in Gulberg Islamabad

Design and Construction of Houses in Gulberg Islamabad

1: Material

 “Design & Construction of Houses in Gulberg Islamabad”

I) Bricks:

They shall be of standard shape, burnt red, hand-formed, or machine mad. All have a minimum crushing strength of 1490 psi and absorption up to 20%.

II) Mortar: 

Cement sand mixes of 1:6 shall be adopted for 0′-9″ thick wall and cement sand mortar 1:4 for 0′-4.5″ thick wall.

III) Plaster: 

All plastering work will be in cement sand mortar 1:4 on inner and inter walls. The ceiling will be in cement sand mortar 1:3.

IV) Concrete: 

The concrete used in various seismic bands shall have minimum compressive cylinder strength of 2500 psi at 28 days.

V) Reinforcing Steel: 

The reinforcing steel shall have minimum yield strength of 40,000 psi.

VI) Hollow Block: 

Hollow block masonry is totally prohibited, only allowed in the frame structure design.

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2: Foundation

Due to cut and fill area R.C.C. strip foundation minimum 0′-8″ thick should be provided under strip footing of walls or raft may be placed if bearing capacity of the soil is less than 0.6T/SFT, according to the recommendation of a geo-tech engineer (Registered with PEC).

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3: Horizontal Reinforcement in Walls

Horizontal reinforcing of walls is required in order to tie orthogonal walls together. The most important horizontal reinforcement is by means of reinforcement concrete bands provided continuously through load-bearing longitudinal and transverse walls at the plinth, lintel according to the requirement stated below.

I) Plinth Band:

This should be provided at the plinth level in all interior and exterior walls (not less than 0′-9″ depth).

I) Lintel Band:

A lintel band (not less than 0′-9″ depth) should incorporate above all openings. It should also continue in all interior and exterior walls. The reinforcement and band depth over the opening shall provide in addition to that of any other requirement. The lintel level of all the doors and windows shall be at the same level to facilitate the placing of this band all around. In addition, it should also be inside the building without any discontinuity at G.F. and the 1st floor.

4: Vertical Reinforcement in Columns

R.C.C. column (not less than 9″x9″) should provide at the critical section (i.e the corner of walls, the junction of walls) right from the foundation concrete to top slab with minimum reinforcement or required for seismic requirements. The ratio for the concrete mix to be 1:2:4 by volume.

5: Consulting Engineer Requirements

PEC Licensed Consulting Engineer shall prepare all structural design and drawings (for civil works). If a Licensed Consulting Engineer stamps the drawing, prepared by another Engineer, he permanently banned for practice. He should design himself, stamp, and sign. Without this, the Society will not issue N.O.C. Detailed design calculations/design report should submit to the Society.

I) Firstly, Presence of all approved drawings at the site during construction.

II) Secondly, Site Inspector shall check and sign all stages continuously. In case of any discontinuity of checking, construction may be stopped.

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