How Construction Companies In Islamabad Design Residential Buildings

Earthquake Resistant Design

How Construction Companies In Islamabad Design Residential Buildings

  1. The structural design of the building and its individual elements shall comply with the requirements of the applicable codes, such as the building code of Pakistan.
  2. The seismic zone factor for buildings is based on the Pakistan seismic zone map.


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Structural /Engineering Design

Basic loads to be considered in the design: follow-up loads are generally taken into account as a minimum load.


  1. Dead loads
  2. wind loads. where they govern the design
  3. Seismic loads
  4. such other loads are relevant

like other construction companies, Asian house care also follow these structures and designs for building a house.

Additional Loads

To be included in special cases: additional accounts shall be taken of the following loads, where there is reasonable likelihood of their occurrence or where the applicable codes require that they also be considered.
  1. impact
  2. Explosion
  3. Removal of support

Compliance with Design codes

  1. International Building code, 2006 Edition, International Code Council. The USA.
  2. Geotechnical investigations shall be carried out in the 
    light of the specific details of the building.


Building sites

No building shall be erected upon  a site reclaimed with town sweeping or other refuse, until

the whole ground surface or site of such building has  been rendered innocuous and has been

covered with a layer of clean earth, sand, hardcore, clinker or ash rammed solid at least 0′-12 thick.

Boundary Wall 

Boundary walls abutting the public streets, footways, or places which the public are allowed to use

shall not have fencing consisting of barbed wire or any material likely to cause injury to persons or animals.






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