What are the Residential Buildings Standards in DHA Islamabad?
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What are the Residential Buildings Standards in DHA Islamabad?

Residential Buildings Standards in DHA Islamabad:

Residential Buildings Standards in DHA Islamabad under the category of all the houses shall conform to the following specifications.

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  1.  *Along car porch side
  2.  Front setback for standard plots may be relaxed up to 2 ft on payment of following regularization changes by the member:-

(1)         Up to 1 ft                       Rs 100,000/-

(2)        Up to 2 ft                       Rs 200,000/-

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For complete guidance about DHAI-R Bye-laws, visit Defence Housing Authority

General Conditions:

Residential Buildings Standards in Defence Islamabad

a.   Covered Area:

(1)   Shades are not part of the covered area.

(2)   In the case of the pergola, count 25% of its area for the overall covered area calculation.  However, pergola shall not be permitted within the set-backs / compulsory open spaces.

(3)    But You can construct 100% area of the Basement after leaving the COS.

(4)     Similarly, the following structures would be taken in the covered area;

           (a) Fiberglass

          (b) Steel Structures

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DHAI-R: Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad & Rawalpindi

COS: Compulsory Open Space

AHC: Asian House Care

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